“The children really enjoyed your art teaching, as did the teachers.” — Patricia Chantrey, Headteacher St Joseph’s RC Primary School, London.

“I really enjoyed the workshop because I didn’t realise how easy it was to draw people until Roger showed us how and I have been practising since. I found it fun and I found it helpful, he made drawing people so easy.” — Pupil at Ballard School, Hampshire.

“I learned more about drawing in this class than I did in two years at art school.” — Eddison Smith, student at SAE Institute London.

Roger Mason is a DBS-checked art teacher with a wide range of experience teaching different age groups how to draw cartoons and comic strips. Roger has taught at design agencies, schools and universities across the UK, and is the patron of creativity at his old primary school in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. Roger is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, and has a work visa.

Roger worked at SAE Institute London (3D Animation and Film courses) and the University of Teesside (Concept Art MA). Subjects included life drawing, cartooning, storyboarding and character design.

Workshop participants, at all levels of ability, move quickly into practical work and produce a large amount of art. Pens are preferred to pencils to boost productivity and to shift the focus away from the ‘finished piece’.

Using practical demonstrations, slides of artwork and one-to-one guidance—as well as drawing on his vast professional experience of working to tough deadlines on a variety of concepts—Roger proves that all drawings have value and that everyone can draw.

“A lot of what I do is not about the drawings they make, it’s getting them to think differently.”

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Long Sutton County Primary  School, Lincolnshire
September 2016 – current
At my old primary school I am incredibly proud to be the official patron of creativity, and visit the school several times a year and teach the pupils drawing skills. They draw lots of comics and characters, often their own but also aligned with whichever topic they are working on at the time, and have lots of fun being freely creative. I am indebted to headteacher Bill Lord.

SAE Institute London
September 2008 – 2017
I worked on the 3D Animation, Game Art, VFX and Film courses, teaching cartooning, creative drawing skills, storyboarding, character design and story-telling. Modules that I designed and taught included Fundamentals of Drawing, Illustration, Character Design, Storyboarding and Life Drawing.

Below is a selection of SAE students’ artwork:

October 2006 – current
Comic book drawing workshops which boost a pupil’s story-telling, drawing and reading skills. Participants create their own characters and use them to tell their own stories. Advice is given on art materials and a career in art.
Schools where I have taught include:
Ballard School, Hampshire
Pilgrim’s Way Primary School, Southwark
St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Deptford
Longdean School, Hertfordshire
Chestnuts Primary School, Harringay
Wharncliffe Side Primary School, Yorkshire

Haberdasher’s Askes’ Boys School, Elstree, and more.

Practical demonstration during a cartooning workshop at the library in New Cross, London

“Roger’s relationships with pupils are good. He is a friendly, firm and positive adult who relates well to a wide range of children. His teaching is purposeful and he brings a high level of skill and subject knowledge to activities… It has been a pleasure to work with him and I have no hesitation in supporting any work he may seek in a primary school.”
— A C Howe, Headteacher of Whitmore Primary School, Hackney.

Teaching creatives at Digital Arts Network Auckland, Samsung Design Europe & Engine Service Design
In-house specialist art classes for the designers working at the above agencies, intended to boost their overall drawing skills and their confidence when drawing for clients. Click here.

“The workshops were expertly facilitated and my team and I really enjoyed the experience. The drawing skills have helped us with our creative process, and Roger’s teaching skills and professionalism are excellent.”
– Malin Andersson, creative UX designer, Samsung Design Europe

University of Teesside
March 2007 – 2013
I teach drawing techniques, storyboarding and comic art on the creative drawing course in the School of Computing.

“Your relaxed professionalism was a breath of fresh air.”
— Herb Wiersma, senior lecturer at the University of Teesside.

Bureau of Silly Ideas, Brixton
September 2017
Draw Your Story, two-hour practical cartooning workshop.

“What a fantastic evening at the workshop tonight. We came out so inspired and motivated. I was surprised not many youngsters took it up. They need to meet real artists and be exposed to various career options available to them. So grateful that Roger shared the stories about setbacks along with success too.”
— Participant’s mother

City Lit, London.
December 2011
Graphic novel drawing workshops for adults.

21CC, London (BBC educational arm)
2007 – 2011
Various workshops for primary and secondary schools.

Character design by a workshop attendee at Samsung Design Europe. This image demonstrates one of the core techniques, that of using a mannikin to create a figure, and then tracing over the top.
Participant of The Art of Storyboarding interactive workshop, Watersprite Film Festival, Cambridge 2016
The Art of Storyboarding workshop, led by Roger at the Watersprite Film Festival, Cambridge 2016.
The Art of Storyboarding workshop, Watersprite Film Festival, Cambridge 2016.
Roger demonstrating drawing techniques during a workshop.
Drawings from Samsung Design Europe workshop.