Cartoons for business

Illustrations and cartoons for business, produced for a wide variety of trades, including therapists, builders, electricians, theatre productions, environmental activists, paramedics and barbers. Rates are negotiable, sensitive to the business’s needs and time-frame.

Cartoons for business as well as more personal needs, such as this one for my brother George, who uses this cartoon when advising paramedics about the stresses of the job.

Builder Robert Tiffin, his wife Sarah, and his son, survey a delapidated house, seeing plenty of work for them to do. Colours by JP Bove.

Two slides for therapist Tim Foskett, featuring gay men helping one another overcome feelings of low self-esteem.

Electrician Kellie Snow uses this portrait cartoon on her website, Electric Queenz.

Postcard illustration for marketing company Big Smoke Media.

Concept art pencil drawing illustrating a design of an artist’s studio. I did not design the structure, and worked from the designer’s thumbnail sketches.

Barberette Klara Vanova of Hackney, London, commissioned this portrait cartoon for her business’s logo.

Poster designed for the Telegraph Hill pantomime in SE London. A gender-neutral Whittington was asked for.

Logo design for environmental activist Donnachadh McCarthy, author of The Prostitute State.

Cartoon for my own business, encouraging clients to phone rather than email, as I am often busy drawing.