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ScotsCare charity illustration

Illustration for ScotsCare's Annual Review publication by Roger Mason.
Illustration for ScotsCare’s Annual Review publication.

Wraparound cover illustration for the London-based charity ScotsCare. An evolving brief to illustrate the cover of their Annual Review publication led to a representation of a group of Scots using the London Underground. There are various symbols in the image which suggest Scottish identity, and Old Street is the tube stop closest to their headquarters on City Road.

Christmas cards

It’s the time of year when I’m asked to create business Christmas cards. Sometimes they are sent digitally only, and sometimes I hire a printer who posts cards and envelopes out to clients. Cards can be tailored to business’s needs or I can be left to come up with something (hopefully) amusing. Now is a good time to get the process started.

Santa and Rudolf selfie. Christmas card by Roger Mason
Santa and Rudolf take a selfie
Turkeys at Christmas. Cartoon by Roger Mason
Turkeys reflect on their lot. Christmas card.
Christmas card for Leapfrog Careers, with an unemployed Santa. Art by Roger Mason
Christmas card for Leapfrog Careers, with an unemployed Santa

New page from The Mice comic

I’ve been going through the bitmap scans and filling in the blacks, meaning that pages drawn over a year ago are finally seen how they are intended to look. A page from The Mice book three, still in production, showing the humans attempting to hijack a giant alien forklift truck. An alien is about to be stabbed in the backside. It’s scenes like this which make me wonder at my writing style sometimes.


Page from The Mice book 3, an alien is attacked by the humans. Black and white indie comic art by Roger Mason
The Mice attack an alien worker, seated on a giant forklift truck.

Illustration as a teaching aid

Cartoon drawing as a teaching aid by Roger Mason
Cartoon for my brother, a paramedic working in Sheffield

My brother George, who is a paramedic in Sheffield, commissioned me to draw a cartoon about some of the stressful encounters met by the ambulance service. It was specifically intended to show how noisy and chaotic some scenes can be, and in all this, the medic is trying to think clearly and responsibly.

I am really pleased with this. It feels like it hits the mark, showing lots of noise and confusion, yet in a legible manner. Pen and ink on A4 marker paper.