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Hipster barber storyboard by Roger Mason
Hipster barber storyboard by Roger Mason

Here’s a random frame from the last few months. Things have been hectic with more than a few jobs rolling in, finishing off the mural and having to move studio (I am staying in the same building, they are just kicking us out of our usual room while it is being re-furbished).


It’s crazy how often I am asked to draw hipsters these days! Posted on 28/5/15.

BBC Three idents

From 2007, when I was working with Red Bee Media at White City on the branding work for the TV channel BBC Three. The idea was to create a planet that the idents would feature different parts of and I was asked to help visualise this world.

Here are colour visuals of various parts of this imaginary world, including a rough layout, useful to let the team know I was on the same wavelength as them before investing more time in the image.