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Prototypes ‘Electric’ record cover

prototypes_electric_get hype records_superheroine_taser_roger mason_record cover_mpeg artwork_
Artwork for The Prototypes single, Electric. Colours by Robert Smith.


Artwork for British drum and bass duo The Prototypes’ single, Electric. This cover image features a female super hero shooting herself with a taser and getting a kick out of it. Colours by Robert Smith. Commissioned by Get Hype Records,  Autumn 2016.

The Mice by Roger Mason – new page detail

Page detail from book three which I really like. It’s funny how some drawings start by being unimportant to me – just something to get out of the way to get the story to progress – but after some work and some patient inking, they end up being my favourite.


This scene where Harry and Venus show up and surprise the group is a drawing I am very proud of. It’s great how Venus’s skirt creates a dynamic composition.


Diana’s face in the top two frames are beginning to show the fruits of my studying US comic artist J Scott Campbell’s women. The Mice by Roger Mason Posted 17/7/15

Page detail from Roger Mason's The Mice comic.
Page detail from Roger Mason’s The Mice comic.

Judge Dredd 1

I have been drawing some Dredd-related imagery recently and will be posting it up here over the next few weeks. This week, Dredd sits on his bike gurning. Stay tuned for some deadly-but-slinky female judges.