New postcards for The Mice graphic novel

  Thanks to the people at Big Smoke Media, the above image, featuring Diana and Mulligatawny running away from the aliens

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An article about The Mice and Scar Comics

The Mice graphic novels available from The Mice began life when I was spending Summers news blog: Scar Comics bring back Roger Mason’s Mice news blog: Scar Comics bring back Roger Mason’s Mice The blogosphere is getting the word around about t

New MICE graphic novel available from Scar Comics

My new graphic novel, THE MICE: CULTURE SHOCK (£8.99, 100 pages) is now available to buy from Scar Comics online shop PRAISE

Teaching drawing skills at Samsung Design Europe

Comic book drawing workshop artwork by Roger Mason In October 2012 I was hired by Malin Andersson, creative UX manager of Sams

New MICE graphic novel

The Mice in Culture Shock. Cover art by Roger Mason This Spring, from Scar Comics. 100 pages, £8.99. More information soon. s

Next Christmas commercial

Storyboards commissioned by Framestore for the recently-aired Next Homeware television commercials. HB pencil on cartridge pap

The Mice reviewed in SFX

Here’s a review of my graphic novel The Mice: The Factory Menace, available to buy from Scar Comics online shop, taken f

The Mechanaut

Page from The Mechanaut comic, by Roger Mason and William Exley Uploaded to this site are the first ten pages from The Mechana

2000 AD Terror Tale

The following five pages I drew for the Steve Moore -scripted Terror Tale Murdermind which was published in 2000 AD prog 1311

Dredd 3D

Dredd has always been one of my favourite comics, growing up as I did on a steady diet of 2000 AD. Curious readers ought to ch

Preview of The Mice book two

Cota handles some specimens. Panel from The Mice in Culture Shock, graphic novel published by Scar Comics, art by Roger Mason

Kapow photo – artist in action

Nice picture of me drawing sketches at the Kapow Comic convention on the Scar Comics table. SCAR COMICS OFFICIAL WEBSITE Back

Kapow comic convention sketches

Mulligatawny and Cota from The Mice, art by Roger Mason Female Judge from 2000 AD comic. Art by Roger Mason Kapow comic conven


I regret the chaotic nature of the previous post, but the fact is I have been ably working away at storyboards for service des

Blogging frustration by Roger Mason


Comic art gallery

Humorous cartoons


Several jpegs are supplied of the subject to show what they look like and a suggestion for a theme. I will then produce a penc