New business card image

Smiling woman' storyboard frame, art by Roger Mason
‘Smiling woman’ storyboard frame, art by Roger Mason

It’s been, so far, a summer of working part-time which has been very nice. I did start re-designing my business card,amidst all that inactivity, a task which I thought would take me about two hours.

Three weeks later, I have settled on this image for the front. It’s from a storyboard about hair products and was originally in pencil only. I have coloured it in Photoshop and became quite anal about her skin tones. The last time I got a business card printed one of my students commented that the guy’s skin was green. What with my uncalibrated monitor, RGB and CMYK and whatever hoops they put it through at the printer’s, it’s a tricky business guarding the right colours from start to finish.

God knows how the final printed card will turn out. I’ll be sending it to Aldgate Press, for your information. Very eco-friendly printer.

Oh, and I hear you say: “Business cards?! In this day and age?” Definitely.