A woman is surprised to see a new alien lifeform. Graphic novel.

Mice graphic novel

A page detail from The Mice book three, which is almost finished (as I have been saying for a while now). Seriously! Diana meets one of the new characters, an alien pet, who may turn out to be a huge hairy problem for the humans. Like The Mice on Facebook @themicecomic

The Mice reviewed in Starburst

http://www.starburstmagazine.com/reviews/comic-reviews/7269-comic-review-the-mice-the-factory-menace After sending hard copies out to several magazines of a sci-fi/fantasy persuasion, it looks like things are coming home to roost. The editor of Sci Fi Now magazine will be putting it in the December issue, and today I read on Starburst’s site a positive and insightful review of The Factory Menace, written by …

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