New graphic novel

Coming soon from Markosia. I’m extremely excited to find a long-term publisher for my beloved solo project of 20 years&#

Professional wrestling illustration

I’m proud to share this latest piece of my artwork. It’s intended to be cover art for a personal project I’v

Princess Chelsea ‘doll’ t-shirt

When kiwi musician Princess Chelsea approached me to create a t-shirt illustration for her forthcoming tour of North America,

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Storyboard sequence.

Here’s a link to a video promoting the new mascot, Tazuni, for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. I was hired by Unliste

Art from The Mice, the final chapter

Screen grabs of black and white art from my graphic novel, The Mice, a project I have worked on since 2001! It’s not tha

Dark Side Rey comic art

I was commissioned to draw Rey from Star Wars and, inspired by The Rise of Skywalker, one of my favourite Star Wars movies, I

Sustainability Victoria commercial

In February 2021 hired me to draw storyboards for Sustainability Victoria’s advertising campaign. It aimed to in

Queen Elizabeth and James Bond

From the archive I unearth this illustration, for marketing specialists Big Smoke Media. Commissioned in 2013, it was printed

Finding Hope: War comics about New Zealand and the Holocaust

I was commissioned by Holocaust Centre of New Zealand to create eight war comics, designed to be printed on two-metre-high ban

Musashi – Energy Amplified storyboards

Storyboards for Musashi energy drink TVC, directed by Jeremy Mansford. For Unlisted Melbourne and featuring UFC’s Rob Wh

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a outline or design of an idea which is to be filmed. Usually a sequence of hand-drawn frames, the aspect rati

N K Ashworth Draw Me A Hero

Very pleased that N K Ashworth’s novel Draw Me A Hero is on the shortlist for the New Zealand Book Awards 2021. It is a tou

Judge Dredd from the archive

An old Judge Dredd drawing from 2004. Created on Bristol board, the inked with a Brause 361 nib and brush, using Indian ink.

London Inferno Jack Kirby cover

I have been studying the work of Jack Kirby, the preeminent US comics artist of the 20th century. Creator of Fantastic Four, T

Scotscare illustration

Recently I produced this colour illustration for Scotscare, a charity which assists London-based Scots. The brief was to depic

Roger interviewed by Gulf News

By Sandra Chesterman. Originally published in Gulf News, Auckland. Its genesis was in a 2002 meeting between French writer Lau

Pandemic Personas CX toolkit

Good to see my illustrations contribute to helping businesses negotiate the pandemic. Engine Service Design commissioned me to

Translating comics

It was fun translating my graphic novel London Inferno from French to English. Fortunately writer LF Bollée gave me free rein

London Inferno on Markosia

London Inferno is now available to buy from Markosia, through this link, both book and pdf. Crime graphic novel, 86 pages, mat

Crime graphic novel on Markosia

The rights have been re-acquired to London Inferno. An 80-page crime graphic novel that I illustrated in 2003, it was written