Princess Chelsea ‘doll’ t-shirt

When kiwi musician Princess Chelsea approached me to create a t-shirt illustration for her forthcoming tour of North America, I thought it was an unmissable opportunity to have a little fun. When I suggested ‘Chelsea as doll’, with accessories, Chelsea loved it and off I went, somewhat inspired by the Barbie movie. Extensive research had …

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The Mice on

Delighted to announce I’ve found a home for my long-form graphic novel The Mice at Part one is up there and free to read, please check it out. The next instalment, Culture Shock, will be dropped very soon. Rated 9/10 by Comics International (that gives away how long I’ve been drawing it) The Mice was …

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Dark Side Rey comic art by Roger Mason, created in Procreate on iPad pro

Dark Side Rey comic art

I was commissioned to draw Rey from Star Wars and, inspired by The Rise of Skywalker, one of my favourite Star Wars movies, I chose ‘Dark Side’ Rey. She briefly appears with pointy teeth and a double-ended lightsaber. Coincidentally I had the action figure and I used it to generate the pose, unusually for me …

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Storyboards for Sustainability Victoria by Roger Mason. Directed by John Robertson for Unlisted

Sustainability Victoria commercial

In February 2021 hired me to draw storyboards for Sustainability Victoria’s advertising campaign. It aimed to increase awareness of the recycling options it offers and how best to take advantage of them. Sustainability is crucial so I was pleased to add my skills to assist the State of Victoria in communicating its message. The …

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Queen Elizabeth and James Bond

From the archive I unearth this illustration, for marketing specialists Big Smoke Media. Commissioned in 2013, it was printed on postcards and available on display racks in bars, restaurants and other establishments across SE England to commemorate the London Olympics. The opening ceremony of course featured Bond and the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter. …

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Storyboards for Musashi energy drink. Featuring Rob Whittaker of UFC, directed by Jeremy Mansford. Art by Roger Mason

Musashi – Energy Amplified storyboards

Storyboards for Musashi energy drink TVC, directed by Jeremy Mansford. For Unlisted Melbourne and featuring UFC’s Rob Whittaker. For more of my storyboards, click HERE.

Storyboard frame for Stink Digital, by Roger Mason

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a outline or design of an idea which is to be filmed. Usually a sequence of hand-drawn frames, the aspect ratio of the frame conforming to whichever device the film will be shown on. Most of the time this is 16×9, or standard television screen. A storyboard will make decisions about camera …

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Author NK Ashworth holds a copy of her book Draw Me A Hero

N K Ashworth Draw Me A Hero

Very pleased that N K Ashworth’s novel Draw Me A Hero is on the shortlist for the New Zealand Book Awards 2021. It is a touching portrayal of young girl’s friendship with a newcomer at school. The book cover features my art, and 20 black and white chapter illustrations within. N K Ashworth is a terrific writer. When …

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Judge Dredd from the archive

An old Judge Dredd drawing from 2004. Created on Bristol board, the inked with a Brause 361 nib and brush, using Indian ink.

London Inferno cover inspired by Jack Kirby. By Roger Mason, available from Markosia

London Inferno Jack Kirby cover

I have been studying the work of Jack Kirby, the preeminent US comics artist of the 20th century. Creator of Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, the Inhumans and New Gods, among many others. A ridiculously talented autodidact who, apparently, did not produce thumbnails before launching into a page or front cover. When you study his …

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Cover illustration for Scotscare Annual Review 2020, by Roger Mason

Scotscare illustration

Recently I produced this colour illustration for Scotscare, a charity which assists London-based Scots. The brief was to depict a family having fun together, inspired by actual activities of the charity’s clients. Originally they were to be in a park, but we decided to show them indoors, acknowledging realities faced by people in Britain due …

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Roger at Armageddon Auckland in 2019

Roger interviewed by Gulf News

By Sandra Chesterman. Originally published in Gulf News, Auckland. Its genesis was in a 2002 meeting between French writer Laurent-Frédéric Bollée and Auckland-based storyboard artist, illustrator and comic creator Roger Mason. Their graphic novel London Inferno, first published in French in 2003, is finally available in English. They met at French comic festival Angoulême. Bollée, …

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Pandemic Personas CX toolkit

Good to see my illustrations contribute to helping businesses negotiate the pandemic. Engine Service Design commissioned me to visualize seven ‘pandemic personas’ for a CX toolkit which would embody various people’s ways of coping with the virus. Types included The Remote Multitasker to The Determined Denier. (Right: The Change Adopter.) I was given visual guidelines …

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Translating comics

It was fun translating my graphic novel from French to English. Fortunately writer LF Bollée gave me free rein. I began the translation several years ago and revised it recently, stripping out a lot of exclamation marks and toning down the more extreme Guy Ritchie-isms; they felt appropriate, and fun, but they swerved the book …

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London Inferno on Markosia

London Inferno is now available to buy from Markosia, through this link, both book and pdf. Crime graphic novel, 86 pages, mature readers. LA TRIBUNE:“LF BOLLÉE HAS CONSTRUCTED A VERY EXCITING PLOT WITH MULTIPLE TWISTS… THE INK ILLUSTRATIONS OF ROGER MASON PROPEL THE READER THROUGH AN HALUCINATORY THEATRE OF SHADOWS AND LIGHTS.” Two London coppers, …

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Crime graphic novel

The rights have been re-acquired to London Inferno. An 80-page crime graphic novel that I illustrated in 2003, it was written by LF Bollée (XIII Mystery, Terra Australis, Apocalypse Mania) and published in France by EP Editions. I have translated it into English and we are sending it to publishers in the UK and the …

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