London Inferno Jack Kirby cover

Cover art for the graphic novel London inferno, inspired by legendary comics artist Jack Kirby.

I have been studying the work of Jack Kirby, the preeminent US comics artist of the 20th century. Creator of Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, the Inhumans and New Gods, among many others. A ridiculously talented autodidact who, apparently, did not produce thumbnails before launching into a page or front cover. When you study his work, that alone is an incredible fact. I thought I would try the same and create a new cover for London Inferno.

In trying to emulate the King I exaggerated proportions, stretched the figure across the page, tilted the frame and paid attention to the inking techniques. Kirby was inked by many different artists – Joe Sinnott on the memorable first run on the FF. It was mostly done with Indian ink, sable brushes and dip pens and it still looks the best.

London Inferno, an 84-page noir crime thriller is written by LF Bollée (ApocalypseMania, Terra Australis) and available to buy from Markosia: