N K Ashworth Draw Me A Hero

N K Ashworth holds a copy of her novel, on Waiheke Island in 2021. Photo by Roger Mason

Very pleased that N K Ashworth’s novel Draw Me A Hero is on the shortlist for the New Zealand Book Awards 2021. It is a touching portrayal of young girl’s friendship with a newcomer at school. The book cover features my art, and 20 black and white chapter illustrations within.
N K Ashworth is a terrific writer. When she approached me to draw the cover one read of the first chapter told me there was something special about this book and her writing, and I wanted to work with her.
From the book jacket: The lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur in this novella about art, the written word, friendship, attraction and family. 14-year-old Jane’s thoughts and experiences are distilled into a multi-layered narrative that explores relatable issues — blended families, romance, mental health — without becoming didactic. An intriguing read whose classic girl-meets-boy premise is powered by an impressive subtlety and command of language under the hood.
Draw Me A Hero is available from Lasavia Publishing. See more of my illustration work here.

Link: https://lnkd.in/gHxcJqk

A young girl wearing an aviators hat
Young adult book cover illustration for Draw Me a Hero by N K Ashworth. Lasavia Publishing