Kapow comic convention sketches

Mulligatawny and Cota from The Mice, art by Roger Mason

Female Judge from 2000 AD comic. Art by Roger Mason

Kapow comic convention went very well, even though sales on the Scar Comics table were a bit slow, due to the gulf of space in front of the table that allowed nervous punters to bypass the wares on sale and avoid the hawkish glares of the stable’s talent, as it tried to lure in susceptible members of the public.

I did some sketches which are attached here and curious fans of both can check out 2000AD for Rebellion’s Judge Dredd or The Mice graphic novel available to buy either from me or Scarcomics.com.

A highlight was putting a copy of The Mice into the hands of Jonathan Ross, who promised he would read it. I felt a bit bad approaching the guy, imagining that he must get that quite a lot but I was overtaken by networking fever and, once I had spotted the bearded one in his bright yellow jacket, ran back to the table, nicked a copy of the book, whacked a quick dedication in the front and handed it over.

The wrestlers were a nice touch and all in all Kapow was once again a quality show.