Prototype t-shirt for The Mice

Mice t-shirt, art and design by Roger Mason 2013 Am getting down to some t-shirt design on Spreadshirt for The Mice, and this

Cameron Johnson Shakespeare, new Mice character

New Mice character, CJ Shakespeare. Art by Roger Mason (The Mice can now be found here) Recently been laid up with the flu, or

New alien characters from The Mice graphic novel

  Aliens from book three of The Mice, currently in production. (The Mice can now be found here) This is the full-length c

Re-design of The Mice in The Factory Menace

(The Mice can now be found here) The first Mice graphic novel is going into Previews UK, either in December or January, which

Fforde Ffiesta 2057 in Swindon last weekend

My mum and I attended the Jasper Fforde fan convention in Swindon, the Fforde Ffiesta, where we had a really fantastic time ce

Making a TVC with Framestore

Mike McGee of Framestore, left, and Roger Mason working on the storyboards for Next ‘Home’ commercial in 2013. Her

How to market a graphic novel

(The Mice can now be found here) Well, one way of doing it anyway. For a few years I have been friendly with Matt and Fanos at

A short article about naming the characters in The Mice

Diana attempts to rescue Rowling from the soup vat in The Mice: The Factory Menace The two lead humans are called Mulligatawny

Teaching drawing skills at Samsung Design Europe

Comic book drawing workshop artwork by Roger Mason In October 2012 I was hired by Malin Andersson, creative UX manager of Sams

New MICE graphic novel

The Mice in Culture Shock. Cover art by Roger Mason. (The Mice can now be found here)

Next Christmas TV commercial

Storyboards commissioned by Framestore for the recently-aired Next Homeware television commercials. HB pencil on cartridge pap

2000 AD Terror Tale

The following five pages I drew for the Steve Moore -scripted Terror Tale Murdermind which was published in 2000 AD prog 1311

Kapow photo – artist in action

Nice picture of me drawing sketches at the Kapow Comic convention on the Scar Comics table. SCAR COMICS OFFICIAL WEBSITE Back

Kapow comic convention sketches

Mulligatawny and Cota from The Mice, art by Roger Mason Female Judge from 2000 AD comic. Art by Roger Mason Kapow comic conven

Storyboards for app development

Storyboards for app development artwork © Roger Mason Storyboards for app development artwork © Roger Mason Storyboards for

Royal wedding illustration

Royal wedding illustration by Roger Mason Whoops, left it a bit too long since my last post, what with the Christmas period an

Scar Comics at Kapow!

  (The Mice can now be found here) It is with great pleasure I post this pic up on the blog. I found this online just now

Judge Dredd 2 – ‘Two surfboards’ chase

Characters based on Wagner and Ezquerra’s Judge Dredd, published by Rebellion. Art by Roger Mason I have been reading Ki

diary comic strip 2

Another extract from the Kochalka-style ‘page-a-day’ diary from the end of last year, detailing a trip up north wh

Judge Dredd 1

Judge Dredd by Roger Mason I have been drawing some Dredd-related imagery recently and will be posting it up here over the nex