New business card image

‘Smiling woman’ storyboard frame, art by Roger Mason It’s been, so far, a summer of working part-time which has been very nice. I did start re-designing my business card,amidst all that inactivity, a task which I thought would take me about two hours. Three weeks later, I have settled on this image for the front. …

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The Mice reviewed in Starburst After sending hard copies out to several magazines of a sci-fi/fantasy persuasion, it looks like things are coming home to roost. The editor of Sci Fi Now magazine will be putting it in the December issue, and today I read on Starburst’s site a positive and insightful review of The Factory Menace, written by …

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Prototype t-shirt for The Mice

Mice t-shirt, art and design by Roger Mason 2013 Am getting down to some t-shirt design on Spreadshirt for The Mice, and this one I quite like.

Rough layout from The Mice

Detail from a layout rough for a page from the next Mice graphic novel. Production of the next Mice GN continues apace. Here’s scene featuring an alien pilot leaping out of his cockpit. Pencils first, then biro, then sharpie. Scanned and turned into blue line in Photoshop.

Glowing review of The Mice on the Forbidden Planet blog

Review: The Mice.. a post-apocalyptic tale with a sense of scale… – Forbidden Planet Blog Many thanks to Richard Bruton for reviewing both Mice graphic novels, and for really enjoying them! Click on the link to find out what he says. I feel ten feet tall.

How to market a graphic novel

Well, one way of doing it anyway. For a few years I have been friendly with Matt and Fanos at Big Smoke Media, a south-east-based marketing company who specialise in distributing postcards across the London area. When you are next in a bar, cinema or restaurant, keep an eye out for a postcard rack promoting …

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An article about The Mice and Scar Comics

The Mice graphic novels available from The Mice began life when I was spending Summers working in a canning factory in Lincolnshire, while studying illustration at college in 1998. At the time a dead mouse had been found in a can of baked beans so I started thinking about an environment where humans were …

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