Welcome to the online portfolio of Roger Mason, illustrator specialising in storyboards and comic strips.

Mural in Dalston, Bootstrap Company


Scenes from my current project. Painting a mural up eight flights of stairs in the studio building where I work in Dalston, Hackney. The mural is designed to show how the Bootstrap Company (who runs the building) engages with the local community, helps start-ups to thrive and provides below-market-rate studio spaces. It’s a great place to work, and I have been here going on seven years now. April 2016

Watersprite: Cambridge International Film Festival 2016

On 5th March 2016 I gave a lecture at the Watersprite Cambridge Film Festival, called The Art of Storyboarding. Pictures here show the 75-minute talk, which included practical demonstrations, slides and the participants creating their own simple, yet functional storyboards. The talk was well received and I have been invited back next year, which I am really looking forward to.


The festival was great fun, extremely well run and had an awards ceremony in the fabulous Fitzwilliam Museum on the Saturday night. The picture below shows me and host Lenny Henry presenting the award for best production design for the film ‘It could have happened, it had to happen.’ Posted May 2016.


Presenting the award for best production design. Watersprite Film Festival, Cambridge 2016.

Presenting the award for best production design. Watersprite Film Festival, Cambridge 2016.



Illustration as a teaching aid

Cartoon drawing as a teaching aid by Roger Mason

Cartoon for my brother, a paramedic working in Sheffield


My brother George, who is a paramedic in Sheffield, commissioned me to draw a cartoon about some of the stressful encounters met by the ambulance service. It was specifically intended to show how noisy and chaotic some scenes can be, and in all this, the medic is trying to think clearly and responsibly.


I am really pleased with this. It feels like it hits the mark, showing lots of noise and confusion, yet in a legible manner. Pen and ink on A4 marker paper.





The Mice by Roger Mason – new page detail

Page detail from book three which I really like. It’s funny how some drawings start by being unimportant to me – just something to get out of the way to get the story to progress – but after some work and some patient inking, they end up being my favourite.


This scene where Harry and Venus show up and surprise the group is a drawing I am very proud of. It’s great how Venus’s skirt creates a dynamic composition.


Diana’s face in the top two frames are beginning to show the fruits of my studying US comic artist J Scott Campbell’s women. The Mice by Roger Mason Posted 17/7/15

Page detail from Roger Mason's The Mice comic.

Page detail from Roger Mason’s The Mice comic.

Hipster barber storyboard by Roger Mason

Hipster barber storyboard by Roger Mason

Here’s a random frame from the last few months. Things have been hectic with more than a few jobs rolling in, finishing off the mural and having to move studio (I am staying in the same building, they are just kicking us out of our usual room while it is being re-furbished).


It’s crazy how often I am asked to draw hipsters these days! Posted on 28/5/15.

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